BDO Release

Nahemah a posted Feb 25, 16


Server information for launch will be in the BDO forum section. 

Please also be aware that TS information has changed as well. I will put that information into the same post.

I look forward to seeing everyone in game as soon as they are able. Get your stuff handled and be ready so that we can get down to business and make a great start in game on Sunday.

Ardul Just go my drinks and snacks all ready. Hitting the sleep as soon as I get off work tonight and getting up a bit before ...
Araxie Can't wait!


Raizoh a posted Feb 22, 16

The CBT2 Has ended id like to thank all participants that helped gathering information for this game to help us ease the problems we'll face at launch.

please refer to your BDO section for all kinds of Information. if you have any qestions about anything you can refer to the Final Leadership post in general discussion on who you can contact on that if youd like to speak with someone directly or just make a post and someone will get back to it asap.

i look forward to BDO with you Final.

Thank you



PROFESSIONAL a posted Feb 21, 16

The good ole days!

PROFESSIONAL a We always have been and always will be a family, Love you all and look forward to making more memories with you in the f...